Curdina Hill

curdina-hillI am an organizational development consultant and leadership coach whose practice focuses on strategic and community planning, team building and leadership development. I have worked intensively around collaborative program and organizational development in multicultural spaces encompassing work nationally around youth and family development. I have over twenty years of experience and a passion for helping organizations and people make transformative change, particularly those organizations or groups concerned with addressing social justice issues, particularly issues related to racism and racial equity, power and historical legacy. Her previous management experience involved directing a job placement center for urban residents of a five-town area and an adult literacy staff development and training center. Most recently she directed an organization committed to prevention of housing displacement. In the early part of her career she led an emergency shelter for women in transition and their children, moving it from a fledging organization to a solid, well-staffed organization including a safe home network with a diversified funding base.

In my consulting and training practice, I have done leadership and staff training around issues of race and racial equity, cultural competency/cultural proficiency and more effective functioning with health organizations, women’s health groups, educational institutions, community development, youth and multi-service organizations, coalitions and networks.

My educational background and training includes receiving Masters’ degrees in Sociology from Indiana University and a Public Health degree from the University of Michigan. In addition her coaching training entailed graduating from Coach University, and the study of Organizational and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC) and its approach to conflict transformation and group building.

I remain actively involved in community around issues of quality public education, elimination of health disparities and affordable housing. I serve in various capacities: a board member of Alliance for Nonprofit Management and the Coalition for Occupied Homes in Foreclosure, a member of the Nonprofit Consultants Network, Boston Facilitators Roundtable, member of the Gentrification Learning Community, and Boston Busing and Desegregation Project’s steering committee.

Maintaining an active interest in international women’s development and human rights movement, I have co-led trainings around woman abuse and family violence for health, social service and shelter workers in Africa. Early in my career I taught high school in Botswana, Southern Africa, served as an election observer during the first democratic election in South African and traveled extensively abroad.


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