My consulting approach is based on more than 20 years experience as a manager and consultant working with nonprofits, coalition groups, networks and collaborative partnerships. It encompasses sensitivity to and skill in working culturally and linguistically diverse staff, volunteers and communities, and institutions and groups with varied institutional and resource power.


• Being client-centered while building partnership
• Maintaining equal standing of differing voices
• Keeping an organization centered in its vision, mission and values
• Build capacity to function as learning community
• Inclusiveness of planning and decision-making
• Development of shared context and language


Facilitating Organizational and Collaborative Planning Processes: Assist multicultural organizations, coalition or networks clarify their vision, values, mission, goals in strategic, operational, short or long-term planning processes promoting clear direction of the group as a whole;

Developing cultural proficiency and racial equity in organizations, coalitions and networks: Work with organizations and groups to design and set up a process and use of tools to assess and strengthen their cultural competency or cultural proficiency or a system for achieving racial equity. Provide staff and leadership training;

Designing and Facilitation of Research, Program Evaluation or new Program Initiatives: Assisted in design of research and program evaluation efforts, development of research instruments including conduct of interviews and focus groups, analysis an writing of final reports;

Organization Development: Work in conjunction with leadership or leadership group to assess and address infrastructure or staff development issues via design of systems or training programs.