curdina-whistle-2Whether you are revisioning a career, or life transition like retirement, or taking on a big project or leadership challenge at your workplace or institution, I partner with you to help you get clear about your goals, see what getting in your way, and create a plan and strategies for making breakthroughs and big shifts to reaching your goals.

I am passionate about my work as a coach and organizational development consultant. In my coaching practice I specialize in three broad areas: 1) working with executives, senior and new managers, 2) supporting people through major life and career transition, and 3) developing cross-cultural teams to build inclusive and effective work relations and practices. In my coaching practice, I work in partnership with executives, senior and new managers of health, human service and educational agencies to develop their leadership and management effectiveness. As part of my executive coaching experience, I helped design and create an executive coaching program called the LEAD Project for a large, non-profit health organization that recruited and matched coaches to executive directors and senior managers. In this role, I developed a Handbook for Coaching the Executives of Non-Profit Organizations, and trained management consultants on basic coaching skills. I also work with leadership and project teams who are seeking to improve their functioning and impact. Another source of inspiration is coaching people through major life or career transition, like retirement or changing careers, guiding them in the process of creating a new life vision or career, identifying goals and a strategy for moving from their current position or situation to this new career and environment, and planning their pathway to this new life.

My educational background includes graduate degrees in Sociology and Public Health. I am a graduate of Coach University and completed an advanced program in Organizational and Relationship Systems Coaching through the Coaches Training Institute. I have studied Process-Oriented Psychology, an awareness approach to conflict transformation and building deep democracy in groups.