The Power of Transformative Learning & Acting for Change


Since I was 8, I have been fascinated by the many gifts and abilities people have, that they don’t see or use, and how our connections whether to family, community or larger world is confined by our sense of ourselves, our ability to use our gifts and skills in service of ourselves, our community and larger society. These twin worlds of desire and our sense of agency or the power to act creatively for life-giving change is available to us. It is a place where we and others can fully thrive in the face of systemic oppression, it is a place of yielding to the spark of transformative learning. This is my passion creating spaces and environment to catalyze people, organizations, or networks where transformative learning can move people in their personal and collective journey toward forming a just world.

My Mission
Being a catalyst and facilitator of transformative learning for personal and systems change.

• Planning/Strategic Planning
• Cultural Competency or Proficiency Training
• Racial Equity Facilitation and Training
• Research, Evaluation and Program Development
• Organizational Development of Social Justice Nonprofits & Teambuilding

• Leadership Coaching
• Life Transition Coaching
• Visioning Workshop & Guided Reflection on Bursting Forth


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